Lync Profile Pictures - Supported for Office 365 and Active Directory.

Attachments Support - When you run the application, the schedule bar will include a icon that will allow you to open up and attachments that were sent along with the invite. If you have Office installed you can launch those attachments and share them into the Lync video call. The attachments are secured via a password that will be emailed to the organizer the day prior to the meeting. You can run CRS with secured or un-secured attachments. When you set them as secured when the software goes to take them it will send a email to organizer with the password to open the attachment. The next day the software will purge the cached directory.

Multi-Language Support - CRS Lync Software now supports: USA 

Personal Calendar inclusion on the ScheduleBar - Allows users to add personal calendars into the calendar schedule bar. 

Ability to define the commands in the CommandPanel - Lower right hand side of the screen has the main icons. You will be able to define the commands for ad-hoc meeting to start ad-hoc meetings from any software such as WebEX or GoToMeeting. 

"Unlimited" Locales defined and displayed on the LocalePanel - 

Organizer picture in the ScheduleBar - If images are set up in Active Directory it will allow user pictures to be shown. 

And many more...