There is a included IR Remote Control. This is the cheapest and easiest way to control our cameras. 


Each camera also has an RS-232 port, as well as an RS-485 port for compatibility with most major control systems such as Crestron, Extron, and AMX as well as most serial joysticks as well. 


The cameras comes with a DB9 female to 8 pin mini din male. This cable is about 9 feet long. The pinout is listed below. If you need to extend your camera control from the provided cable, a standard DB9 connection of tx, rx ,gnd = 2,3,5 should work. 


If you need to use RS-232 for multiple cameras, our cascade cables are available for purchase here. You can also make your own using the following pinout. These cables require using 5 pins while you can get away with using only 3 for the other run (camera to joystick).



The RS-485 control port on the camera is probably the easiest to use. This connection requires wiring just 2 cables between your camera and your joystick. You can then daisy chain up to 6 additional cameras together using just standard cable. I have seen people use cat cable to achieve RS-485 control, though you can use just about any cable. I would recommend using something like this.  

You can also control the cameras using the IP connection of the camera. If your camera is up on your network, you can use the IP interface to control the camera,


Or, you can use a program such as ONVIF device manager to view and control your camera over the network. If you use ONVIF device manager just be sure to go into your cameras IP interface first, and turn ONVIF on, Onvif Auth can stay off.