Question: I am looking to install a PTZOptics-20X USB G2. I need to run a 100 ft USB 3.0 Cable, and cannot find one of this length. However I did find a Corning USB 3.Optical Cable 30m (100ft) for Self-Powered Peripherals A to A Receptacle. It says that it is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. I would like verification that this will work.


Answer: I was able to purchase and test one of these cables today (8/20/15)  and I am happy to say it works perfectly! I have tested it with a multiple PTZoptics cameras with no issue. Update: The Corning USB 3.0 Optical cable can die if left running with the cameras. Please be sure to power off your camera if you plan to extend your USB this way.