You should already have the IP address of your camera set before starting with this guide. You should be able to access the IP interface from a web browser by typing in the IP address of you camera into a  browser. If you go into the Network section of the IP interface, you should be able to turn the ONVIF on. You should not turn on ONVIF Auth as this can cause some conflicts with the IP joystick. ONVIF does need to be turned on on your camera in order for the joystick to see it. 

Now, your camera should be good to be controlled by the PTZoptics IP joystick. If you put your IP joystick on the network and turn it on, you should see a Dynamic IP address pop up on the LED display such as in the image below. 

Since this is a Dynamic IP address, it should already be in the range of your network, so if you type that into a search browser, you will get into the web interface of the joystick. You will see a login screen first, the user is "admin" and there is no password. 

You should see the IP interface of the unit now, which should look like this. The green window is ONVIF devices that are on your network, and the blue window is the devices that have been added to your joystick. The red window is just settings for the camera you have selected. 

Since I have 3 PTZoptics cameras on my network, I am seeing 3 IP addresses. I wish to add all of my cameras to the joystick, so I clicked add all. At this point your cameras should show up in the blue window, such as in the pic below.

At this point, you would want to address your cameras so that each camera has it's own address. If you click on one of the available cameras in the blue window, it should get highlighted in blue such as in the pic above. Whichever camera is selected in the blue window, is the camera that you will be changing info on using the Red Window. So you can change the address of each camera to be 1, 2, and 3 such as in the pic below.

At this point you should have your cameras added to your joystick, so if you go to your joystick and press "search" you should see all of the cameras saved to the joystick. So in our example, I added three camera to the joystick, so I should have 3 cameras saved to the joystick which you can see in the pic below. 

 You should be able to use the joystick to go down to the camera you wish to control and then press "ESC" to connect to the camera. If you see the message saying "Goal:ip address" then your joystick should be connected to your camera. Try moving the joystick around and you should see your camera move accordingly. If you are getting an error message about username and password, be sure that Onvif Auth is NOT turned on in the IP interface of the camera. If you are getting a connection timeout issue or camera not added message, please try pressing the IP button, followed by the number camera you wish to control, followed by the enter (arrow button to the bottom right of the number pad) button. This should grab control of the specific camera ID you select. If you are looking to change which camera you are controlling, use the PREV and NEXT buttons to switch to the next camera or the previous cam. 

You should be up and controlling all of your PTZoptics cameras using your PT-Joy, IP joystick. If you are having issues please get in touch with us at